Sunday, 5 January 2014

Animating The Robin

Here is a shot from 'The Robin' and it's step by step process from storyboards to final shot.

First I start sketching the shot for the storyboards. Here I try to get the rough layout and staging of the characters and set the scene up.

Next is to put these drawings into an animatic where I work out the timing. This shot will then be added to all the other shots in the film and will be reworked and reworked until the whole film has the desired timing.

Once the animatic has been timed and we are happy, the backgrounds are created and then the fun begins, animating. When starting the animation process I draw out the keyframes on the background to get a sense of where the character will be in the scene at the most important parts. Usually I try and draw a few different varieties of the same pose and pick the best one. It's always fun to do more than one as usually it ends up being a combination of a couple of ideas. I then in-between all the drawings creating all the movement that brings the Robin to life.

Once happy with the rough animation Will and I go through it and see if anything needs to be changed. If not then it's time to clean-up the rough line and make it clean ready to be coloured.

Once coloured it is then composted onto the background in After Effects and shadows, lighting and camera are placed. Once rendered it's ready and waiting to slotted into the final film. Ta da!