Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Background Design

When creating the backgrounds for The Robin I really wanted to keep them simple and try to create a tone and feel rather than a focus. The first step was to take out any black lines from the elements, like you see in a lot of TV cartoons. By doing this it would enable the focus to be on the characters within the story instead of diverting attention to background elements.

Creating a sense of scale was also important as the robin is a very small bird and making this world believable meant creating a world that seemed a lot bigger in comparison. In order to achieve this shots that featured the seed and bird tables were kept very low, increasing the amount of sky. In creating these particular backgrounds, with two thirds sky, meant that the robin constantly looked smaller against the vast openness of yellow. With the introduction of the pigeons, perspective was needed less as the physical nature of the pigeon against the robin was already very imposing and belittling. This helped a lot in creating different and more interesting shots as I wasn't concentrating to heavily on low perspective.

Another key task in creating all the different backgrounds was to create a simple plan of the garden. This allowed me to move a camera around and see what was in shot. It was also key to remembering where I'd put all the different trees and bushes and where they would be in relation to say the house and the tables. Nothing worse than a continuity error!