Friday, 28 March 2014

Robin Design

Some size and proportion issues. Centre design is getting there

I remember reading something about the creation of Mickey Mouse and why his appeal is so universal. The reason he works so well from a creative point of view is that he is made out of circles. A very welcoming and friendly shape, with no corners and no harsh straight lines. Even his arms a bendy!

With the script and style as it was, this information would be the ideal spring board for development. I was sketching out a few 'well rounded' (excuse the pun) ideas and something just wasn't clicking, when I remembered a sketch I produced years ago for the design of a bird. Pulling out all my old sketchbooks I found the design and knew instantly that it was going to work.

An old design, you can see the robin in the rounded shape

By pushing the birds body down to become plumper and making his eyes no more than black dots gave him instant cuteness and charm. It was a very happy accident. Knowing that the colours of a robin would suit the existing colour palette, this was not an issue. The main concern was, should he have tail feathers? Robins as you are aware have these features but placing them on the robin looked bulky and less rounded. Less cute. On discussing this with Will, he put it simply “Its a cartoon, it doesn't matter”. Fair point and definitely the right choice.  

Nearly there....
....perfect! :)