Monday, 3 June 2013

What its all about

You've just woken up. It's freezing cold inside and out. Your stomach is rumbling. You go downstairs to settle your hunger pains. You pour yourself a bowl of cereal and throw away the empty box and as you're about to swallow your first spoonful two pigeons shoot through your open window, knock you off your chair and gobble up your porridge. Now imagine that you're a tiny little Robin whose survival of winter depends entirely on your breakfast. What would you do to make sure you don't go hungry? Just about anything, right?

The Robin is set to be a great short film due out at the end of the year. Produced by two guys, Tom Sanders and Will Long, who have a passion for animation, filmmaking and all things fun! This blog is setting out to take you through the process of how the film is being made. From script to design, animation to the end product. 

We hope its informative and fun and that we can all learn something from this fantastic process! Lets make a film!